The Author

Grace_authorAshleigh Rose Bottorff has been a pet owner and animal lover since childhood. Being a Midwestern  farmer’s daughter, as a young child she was given a horse, but only if she promised to muck out the stall with no help, including during harsh Midwestern winters. She went on to own many, many animals and to this day, lives in a rescued “zoo.”

Ashleigh’s adventures with animals include getting phone calls from as far away as 200 miles about a kitten dumped in a cornfield, stopping traffic in busy intersections to help an animal in harm’s way, missing a morning of college classes to “de-skunk” a stray dog, or just coming home to yet another “mystery” animal left on her door step. She has worked for two veterinarians and the local animal shelter, checks boxes on the side of the road for dumped animals and lives for her passion of raising awareness about the importance of spay/neuter to animals’ health.

To feed her rescued “zoo,” Ashleigh has  been a self-employed marketing consultant for over 35 years. She has also volunteered at her local hospital emergency room and physical therapy department, worked with seniors at luncheons and in adult foster care homes, tutored English, reading and writing, volunteered at her local elementary school, been the loudest “cheerleader” at kids’ sports games and continues to rescue critters and strives to make the world a better place for everyone. Her motto for life is simple: “Kids and critters make the world go ‘round. Live,  love, hug and pray!”

Please visit the radio interview with WTCM AM Talk Radio, The Christal Frost Show to listen. Enjoy!

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